Lot of 5 Various Reference, Carving, and Hunting Books

Lot of 5 various books: 1) Duck Shooting Along The Atlantic Tidewater edited by Eugene V. Connett with Color Plates by Dr. Edgar Burke and Lynn Bogue Hunt- 308 page hard cover book.  2) Wildlife in Wood Duck Carvers Handbook by Richard LeMaster- 246 page hard cover book.  3) Duck and Goose Decoy Painting Manual, Stoney Point Manufacturing, Inc.- 20 page soft cover book.  4) Waterfowl by Frank S. Todd, in a hard canvas storage binder- 399 page hard cover book.  5)  The Great American Shooting Prints, Selection and text by Robert Elman, The hunting life in America as portrayed in paintings and lithographs from the 1820's- over 100 pages with 72 plates, hard cover book.

Category: Reference Books

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