The Waterfowl Gunner's Book, signed and numbered

The Waterfowl Gunner's Book. One thousand copies made, this book is signed and numbered.  Copy #453.  This 282 page hard cover book is in very good condition.  Several chapters including: This Amusement in America-1855, Blinds-1879, Construction of a Decoy-1886, Boats- 1890, A Day Duckling-1895, Seth Fiedlings First Lesson in Battery Shooting-1901, Wildfowl Shooting-1901, The Serene Duck Hunter-1906, De Shootinest Gent'man- 1916, Shooting Ducks with Captain Bogardus and Abe Kleinman-1917, Tales of Duck and Goose Shooting-1922, Fred Kimble and his six-gauge Muzzle Loader-1923, Duck Shooting in the Old Days-1923, The Log of a South Bay Cruise-1931, The Sands of Muskeget-1933, Duck Shooting in Nicaragua-1935, The Captain visits Mr. Nash- 1936, Down Barnstable Way -1939, What Dog?-1945, Aspects of Flight- 1946, Long Island Sound-1947, Calling Wildfowl, Fall Flight- 1973, On Being and expert duck and goos shot-1974, and Decoys and Decoying Waterfowl.

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