Great Lakes Decoy Show 2013

How's everyone doing?  Well, we're doing great!  Just got back on Sunday from an excellent 5 days in Westlake, Ohio.  Folks, believe me when I tell you the Great Lakes Decoy Association Show is alive and well.  We enjoyed our time there very much and look forward to returning next year.  Hats off to all the people who worked so hard to make this years show a success.  The room to room trading was steady action throughout the event with sales being pretty good.  Found some nice additions for the collection, picked up some other items via trades and of course the auction on Saturday morning.  Guyette, Schmitt, & Deeter had a nice selection of decoys, a few calls, and some other odds and ends on the auction block. We had a wonderful time at the closing dinner Saturday night and hope that becomes a yearly event.  Was a very nice way to wind down and end the weeks events.  Fun Fun Fun! Well, one more month till St. Charles will be here.  Look forward to seeing everyone there.  Come look us up for some Goose Jerky and a cold one.[gallery columns="4" ids="350,343,347,348,349,344,345,346"] Dave & Jeannette