Show review - 2015

We'd like to thank all the vendors, and especially everybody that took the time to come out to the show in Utica this year.  It was good to see everybody, and nice to see several new vendors this year to join in the fun.  We're already starting to make plans for next years event, more and likely going to be the same place and same time of year since it worked out well this year.  In closing, just want to share a story that we will both remember for quite some time.  A young man came in to the show with his father this year and walked around looking at all the decoys for quite some time.  After the 2nd or 3rd visit to our table, and after continually looking at the Illinois River Style decoys, he came back to our table.  Dad looked at him and said, "you keep coming back to this table, well-- what are you going to do?".  We asked him if he had any decoys, and he said yes, he has 16 decoys in his own collection.  Dad told us he's been saving up for the show and was looking for a special decoy he wanted to add to his collection.  When it was all said and done, this nice young man walked out of the show with his first Perdew.  Thanks so much, Cody Anderson, for making our show.  It is so nice to see a young man like yourself with a passion already for this hobby. .dave