October 16, 2011

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Illinois River Opening weekend

Hi all-- Just completed opening weekend here on the Illinois River.  Had a very nice 2 days.  Saturday, 3 friends and myself shot 5 mallards, 7 woodies, 2 blue wings, and 1 green wing teal.   Throughout the Illinois Valley word had it that good shooting was spotty at best on Saturday. Sunday, as usual, the ducks seem to have already gained a college education.  However, we managed 4 woodies, 2 mallards, and a big Canada Goose.  Not bad as compared to alot of other reports from fellow hunters around the area. Stay tuned for more reports in the future.
September 22, 2011

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Mudlake squirrel hunt

Beautiful morning- went to Mudlake for a little squirrel hunting.  Had a very enjoyable morning- shot 4 squirrels and got to listen to some geese and ducks come in to the lake... hopefully a sign of the upcoming months.
September 15, 2011

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Last day of early Goose season

Had a nice grand finally of the early goose season today.  Hunted a picked cornfield with some friends, we killed 5 Geese and 19 Doves.  Saw in the neighborhood of around 200 geese and another 200 doves.  The doves are really grouping up looks like they're getting ready to go South.  Also had a couple small groups of wood ducks work the cornfield after shooting time when we were picking up our decoys.  Pretty nice day!
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